Jordan Elliot Finch J.E.F.
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Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

Since 2022 I've been working with Ruby on Rails and have fully fallen in love with the technology. I have experience with many core Rails gems and features (e.g the asset pipeline) and have worked with too many project-specific, third-party gems to count.

I also have experience with deploying Rails projects through Heroku, Cloud66, and AWS.

Specific skills:
  • Greenfield project design and implementation
  • Working with third-party gems (e.g. Devise)
  • I've actually read the Rails Guides documentation in its entirety. Honest.

I have 1-2 years' experience in React, having used it for my university thesis project (LEMA) as part of the MERN stack (for which I won an award from the respected Institution of Analysts and Programmers), as well as at my current job.

Additionally, I used React for any other project that I could while at university, finding it to be a great way to rapidly develop front-end web applications.


Node.js is steadily becoming an inextricable tool of the modern web developer, and is utilised by tech stacks such as Ruby on Rails, MERN, and many more.

As one might expect, I've spent most of the last 4 years working with Node.js in some capacity, having used it for my current job, as well as as many university projects as possible and some hobby projects.